Website Content, What is it and does my website need it?

Website Content, What is it and does my website need it?

SEO, it’s one of the most used words by most website designers today, if you have a lot of content, or ‘words’ on your website, you can rank higher on Google. To find the right keywords to use throughout your site, most web designers will offer SEO keyword research. They can bring you a content strategy with relevant keywords that can help to increase traffic to your site.

What are Keywords and how do they help a website?

Keywords are the words or phrases that someone will type into Google when searching for information. You will need to have certain keywords on your page and throughout your website that are relevant to your brand, business, products or services. So, when people type these keywords into Google they have a better chance of finding your website.

What are keywords?

Your website represents your brand. If you have great products and offer an amazing service, you need to get this across to your customer, if your writing is confusing or worse, filled with spelling mistakes, it can reflect poorly on your company.

Having well-written and SEO friendly content on your website is one of the best digital business decisions you’ll make.

As a business owner, you probably have enough to do on a daily basis than to constantly come up with new content for your website, it can be hard thinking about different things to write. That’s where a content creator can help. Most website companies these days with have copy writers on staff, to help update your site, help with content and write new and captivating blog posts. This can bring your site more shares you could even earn backlinks and your website will start to see an increase of new visitors.

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